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Interesting Inflation News Links (May 04, 2009)

* Council examines school budget (Adam Leech, Rockingham News)

The City Council said it heard the message from parents who spoke last week in support of an increase in the school budget, but it’s also listening to other residents who want it to hold the line.

* Congress working to change estate tax (Kathleen Pender, San Francisco Chronicle)

Under current law, the estate tax will disappear in 2010, then rise from the dead in 2011 in a gruesome state – estates of more than $1 million per person would be taxed at rates as high as 55 percent.

* Quad Area breaks ground on Veterans Village (Brennan David, Daily Star)

The last project Winnie Sibley started before her death in 2007 was a homeless veterans program larger than Quad Area Community Action Agency could ever dream up.

* Questor: Extract some more value out of Randgold (Garry White, The Daily Telegraph)

The gold price has a significant effect on the share price of Randgold Resources and Questor feels that the recent dip in prices is an ideal time to take a position in the shares.


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Rape, war, climate to top UN chief’s African tour (John Heilprin)

A short article by John Heilprin.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will embark on a wide-ranging African tour next week in a bid to shore up Congo’s struggling peacekeeping mission, show support for victims of war in Congo and Rwanda and press for progress on climate change.

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