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Deseret Morning News, Lee Davidson: Hatch seeks higher deduction for investment losses

Lee Davidson raises many interesting points.

Amid the recession’s body-slam on stock-market prices, Sen. Orrin Hatch has introduced a bill to increase significantly the amount of capital losses that individual taxpayers may deduct in a year.

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Interesting Inflation News Links (April 19, 2009)

* Weimar 1923 may have more lessons than US 1932 (Martin Hutchinson, The Daily Telegraph)

Many baffled forecasters are asking just that, and studying what the US did wrong after the stock market crashed in 1929. But the more relevant policy errors might have been those made earlier across the Atlantic – in Weimar Germany from 1919 to 1923.

* Seat belts are saving lives (Gatehouse Media, The Courier)

Heres good news at a time we could all use it: Seat-belt use has climbed to an all-time high across the nation, while highway deaths are at five-decade lows.

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The Independent Online: US ‘medicine will have unwelcome after-effects’ says Buffett

From The Independent Online. Here we go again:

Warren Buffett, the long-celebrated oracle of stock market investing, predicted yesterday that the US economy will remain in a “shambles throughout 2009” and “probably well beyond”.

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Interesting Inflation News Links (February 27, 2009)

* Eurozone jobless queues lengthen (BBC News)

Unemployment across the nations that share the euro has risen again to its highest level in more than two years, as more firms laid off staff.

* Sir Fred Goodwin: Pensioners struggle as exbanker gets �650000 a year (Telegraph)

The former RBS boss accrued a �16m pension pot during his time with the group, which has announced a record corporate loss of �24bn. But many other pensioners are struggling to make ends meet after seeing steep falls in both the interest they earn on savings and the value of their stock market holdings.

* Bradley A. Smith: Washington should halt its unhelpful financial ‘aid’ (Columbus Dispatch)

President Barack Obama was elected to repair the economy but, in percentage terms, the stock market has dropped more since his election than it did in the previous months.

* Lawmakers call for assessment cap

Jefferson City — A group of Republican lawmakers proposed Thursday to limit increases in property tax assessments as a way to give relief to Missouri homeowners.

* One fifth of council tax goes on local authority final salary pensions (Christopher Hope, Telegraph)

The news came after it emerged that three out of four councils are planning to raise council tax by an inflation-busting three per cent to �1,414 from April.

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Interesting Inflation News Links (February 23, 2009)

* Housing bailout: Good money after bad (Union-Leader)

* Rail-tax collections up 26%, to $12.9M (Sean Hao, Honolulu Advertiser)

* Tuition Increase is Lowest in 8 Yrs, High Relative to Inflation (The Tech)

* Insight: Gold primed to be ‘mania asset’ (The Financial Times)

* How To Get a Raise (Advance For Medical Lab Pros)

* Winners, losers and those caught in between (Journal Newspapers)

* Obama’s Truly Courageous Budget Move (Noam Scheiber, New Republic)

* Just wait til next year (Kansas City Star)

* A must-read this Saturday: Buffett’s annual letter (Kansas City Star)

* Home improvements on a shoestring budget (Kansas City Star)

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