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Interesting Inflation News Links (May 06, 2009)

* Gold moves higher as dollar falls, stocks rally (Sara Lepro, Kansas City Star)

* Is v-shaped shares chart wildly optimistic? (Ian Mc Connell, The Herald)

* Reasons to be cheerful parts one, two, three and four (Hamish Macdonell, The Scotsman)

* WMC wants more for prisoner care (Tom Morton, Star-Tribune)

* Index-linked savings on a roll… for now (Jeremy Gates, Lancashire Evening Post)

* Some TIPS Looking Strong Right Now (Brett Arends, Wall Street Journal)

* The Analyst: All roads lead to infrastructure (Ben Yearsley, The Independent Online)


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Interesting Inflation News Links (February 23, 2009)

* Housing bailout: Good money after bad (Union-Leader)

* Rail-tax collections up 26%, to $12.9M (Sean Hao, Honolulu Advertiser)

* Tuition Increase is Lowest in 8 Yrs, High Relative to Inflation (The Tech)

* Insight: Gold primed to be ‘mania asset’ (The Financial Times)

* How To Get a Raise (Advance For Medical Lab Pros)

* Winners, losers and those caught in between (Journal Newspapers)

* Obama’s Truly Courageous Budget Move (Noam Scheiber, New Republic)

* Just wait til next year (Kansas City Star)

* A must-read this Saturday: Buffett’s annual letter (Kansas City Star)

* Home improvements on a shoestring budget (Kansas City Star)

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