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Interesting Inflation News Links (May 07, 2009)

* The Economic Need for Stable Policies, Not a Stimulus [Extended version] (Jeffrey D. Sachs, Scientific American)

The U.S. political-economic system gives evidence of a phenomenon known as instrument instability. Policy makers at the Federal Reserve and the White House are attempting to use highly imperfect monetary and fiscal policies to stabilize the national economy. The result, however, has been ever-more desperate swings in economic policies in the attempt to prevent recessions that cannot be fully …


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Interesting Inflation News Links (May 06, 2009)

* Shop price inflation falls on slower food prices (James Thompson, The Independent Online)

Shop price inflation fell in April for the first time since the cut in VAT in December, as hefty non-food discounting at Easter, sharp price deflation at fashion and footwear retailers and the first slowdown in food prices this year gave customers a welcome boost.

* 1.7 million fewer pints drunk every day this year due to recession (Harry Wallop, Telegraph)

In the first three months of this year the equivalent of 1.67 billion pints of beer were drink in Britain a fall of 8.2 per cent, or 1.7 million pints a day on the first quarter of last year.

* New Study Accuses Bankruptcy Judges Of Routine Illegality (Nathan Koppel, Wall Street Journal)

Bankruptcy lawyers are fat and happy these days; that much we have documented. (Click here and here .)

* Hey, Hell’s Kitchen! Suck It! (Patrick Alan Coleman, Portland Mercury)

Ive been known to watch an episode or two of Hells Kitchen . Im not proud of it. But as the Bible says, Let those whove never suffered bad television judgment throw the first remote.

* China fears bond crisis as it slams quantitative easing (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph)

policy mistake made by some major central bank may bring inflation risks to the whole world,” said the People’s Central Bank in its quarterly report.

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Interesting Inflation News Links (March 30, 2009)

* Wall Street 3/18/09 (Stephen Bernard, Meridian Star)

Investors appeared ready to give up some of their recent gains Wednesday as they awaited the conclusion of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate meeting. The government’s report of a slightly higher than expected rise in inflation had little effect on trading.

* Travelers’ checks (Larry Habegger, San Francisco Chronicle)

That’s largely because Curacao is crowded with Venezuelans, many fleeing their country’s spiraling inflation and currency controls for a Dutch Caribbean island best known for its diving opportunities and historic city center, a U.N. World Heritage site.

* An End to Currency Manipulation (Brett Swanson, Far Eastern Economic Review)

The U.S. dollar last week appeared mercifully to end its plunge. World markets cheered, and the immediate financial crisis in the U.S. abated. But this week the dollar is retesting all-time lows versus the euro and yen, and commodity prices, capital flows, and trade remain vulnerable to its movements. Inflation in dollar-linked China is rising fast, and an over-strong yen could thwart Japan’s …

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Interesting Inflation News Links (March 27, 2009)

* Obama walks, chews gum and sends Congress his budget (Marsha Mercer, McDowell News)

President Barack Obama vows responsibility and accountability – but he blames his predecessor for the mess we’re in.

* Europe’s Markets Advance (Steve Goldstein, Wall Street Journal)

European stocks advanced Thursday, as local investors cheered the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision to embrace quantitative easing.

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Interesting Inflation News Links (March 26, 2009)

* Fischer Boel: CAP reform delay is ‘a dead idea’ (Jennifer Rankin, European Voice)

Mariann Fischer Boel, the European commissioner for agriculture, told farm ministers today (23 March) that she opposes any attempts to unpick recent reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). At least five countries had argued that reforms to the CAP should be delayed to help farmers cope with falling prices for milk, butter and other dairy products.

* Mervyn King’s salvo first in wider war (Hugo Dixon, Telegraph)

The Bank of England governors warning that the government cant afford another big fiscal boost should be seen as an attempt to avoid no fewer than three crises that could be looming: a fiscal crisis, a constitutional clash and an inflation crisis.

* Vital Signs: Is Unemployment Near a Peak? (James Cooper, BusinessWeek)

Vital Signs: Is Unemployment Near a Peak? For the Apr. 3 jobs report, economists see another 650,000 drop in payrolls and the unemployment rate jumping to 8.4%

* Whither the Fed? (St. James� Street, The Minnesota Daily)

The Federal Reserve System has gotten a bit of press in the Daily as of late. Last week a column was written in criticism of the Fed, using the language of the economic thought followed by libertarian Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas. Known as the Austrian school, it is very pro-market and has little patience for the governments control of money, let alone the Fed. Indeed, as the current recession has s…

* Mortgage rates at new lows (Jeannine Aversa, Denver Post)

Mortgage rates tumbled to historic lows Thursday after the Federal Reserve’s sudden decision to print $1.2 trillion and pump it into the economy, a move that also triggered warning signs of inflation a weaker dollar and the highest oil prices of the year.

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Interesting Inflation News Links (March 26, 2009)

* Federal Reserve’s policies punish the thrifty (Louie Cordova, Statesville Record & Landmark)

* Glimmer of hope for student aid in a bad economy (Justin Pope, Hickory Daily Record)

* Tidehaven ISD calls for $33.5M bond election (Jessica Shepard, The Tribune)

* Tax cut (Pam Boyd, Eagle Valley Enterprise)

* Relief as government debt sale succeeds (Julia Kollewe, Guardian Unlimited)

* Minnesotans’ income grew last year (William Wilcoxen, KCRB)

* MaryJane Butters: It’s natural to live green (Maryjane Butters, Salt Lake Tribune)

* Gold sits near $900, ready to rise (Harry Miller, Numismatic News)

* Inflation-proof your portfolio (Jon Birger, Money)

* Dow Jones valuations are just getting tougher (Martin Hutchinson, The Daily Telegraph)

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Interesting Inflation News Links (March 25, 2009)

* Kill the competition: No more stimulus … CPI rise … pension war (Times Online)

* In the know: WS Atkins, Commoditrade, Signet Group and Xaar (Times Online)

* EU official says U.S. economic plans a way to hell (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

* Marylanders’ income in 2008 (Jamie Smith-Hopkins, Baltimore Sun)

* Stephen King: Experiments that could blow us up (The Independent Online)

* 60 UMass faculty members receive notices of non-reappointment (The Daily Collegian)

* Business Newsmakers (Eaton Rapids News)

* Need to know: GSK pledge … Ryanair routes … L&G losses (Times Online)

* Strong: Your home is worth less now than in 07, 08 (Gatehouse Media, Coldwater Daily Reporter)

* April is the time to spring into vehicle maintence (NASCAR Scene)

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