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Interesting Inflation News Links (May 06, 2009)

* Shop price inflation falls on slower food prices (James Thompson, The Independent Online)

Shop price inflation fell in April for the first time since the cut in VAT in December, as hefty non-food discounting at Easter, sharp price deflation at fashion and footwear retailers and the first slowdown in food prices this year gave customers a welcome boost.

* 1.7 million fewer pints drunk every day this year due to recession (Harry Wallop, Telegraph)

In the first three months of this year the equivalent of 1.67 billion pints of beer were drink in Britain a fall of 8.2 per cent, or 1.7 million pints a day on the first quarter of last year.

* New Study Accuses Bankruptcy Judges Of Routine Illegality (Nathan Koppel, Wall Street Journal)

Bankruptcy lawyers are fat and happy these days; that much we have documented. (Click here and here .)

* Hey, Hell’s Kitchen! Suck It! (Patrick Alan Coleman, Portland Mercury)

Ive been known to watch an episode or two of Hells Kitchen . Im not proud of it. But as the Bible says, Let those whove never suffered bad television judgment throw the first remote.

* China fears bond crisis as it slams quantitative easing (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph)

policy mistake made by some major central bank may bring inflation risks to the whole world,” said the People’s Central Bank in its quarterly report.

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Interesting Inflation News Links (February 5, 2009)

* European Central Bank rate unchanged, BoE cuts (Pan Pylas)

* Eurozone rates kept on hold at 2% (BBC News)

* Bernanke Picks Up the Pace (Wall Street Journal)

* Magazine wholesale dispute heats up (Carly Harrington, Knoxville News-Sentinel)

* Productivity surges and labor pressures ease (Martin Crutsinger)

* BMI chief faces no confidence vote (Kevin Done, The Financial Times)

* UBS predicts gold to hit 1000 (Garry White, Telegraph)

* Ford to cut 850 UK jobs (Graham Ruddick, Telegraph)

* US non-farm productivity rises 3.2% (Reuters America)

* Worried about inflation in the future? Consider TIPS (John Waggoner., USA Today)

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