Interesting Inflation News Links (March 29, 2009)

* Glimmer of hope for student aid in a bad economy (Justin Pope, Statesville Record & Landmark)

True, it’s not a great time financially to be going or sending a kid to college. But from the success of a bailout to the federal student loan system, to the tuition “deals” some colleges are offering, there’s more good news out there on college costs and financial aid than some families recognize.

* Quad Area breaks ground on Veterans Village (Brennan David, Daily Star)

The last project Winnie Sibley started before her death in 2007 was a homeless veterans program larger than Quad Area Community Action Agency could ever dream up.

* River Market restaurant calls it quits (Joyce Smith, Kansas City Star)

An annuity is a complicated and sometimes expensive product. It’s main advantage is that it is tax deferred like an IRA and it follows many of the same rules. It also can give a lifetime cash flow. Money from an IRA should never be used to purchase one, because that is double dipping and never in your best interest. All profit from an annuity is taxed at ordinary income rates and not at capi…


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