Interesting Inflation News Links (March 26, 2009)

* Fischer Boel: CAP reform delay is ‘a dead idea’ (Jennifer Rankin, European Voice)

Mariann Fischer Boel, the European commissioner for agriculture, told farm ministers today (23 March) that she opposes any attempts to unpick recent reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). At least five countries had argued that reforms to the CAP should be delayed to help farmers cope with falling prices for milk, butter and other dairy products.

* Mervyn King’s salvo first in wider war (Hugo Dixon, Telegraph)

The Bank of England governors warning that the government cant afford another big fiscal boost should be seen as an attempt to avoid no fewer than three crises that could be looming: a fiscal crisis, a constitutional clash and an inflation crisis.

* Vital Signs: Is Unemployment Near a Peak? (James Cooper, BusinessWeek)

Vital Signs: Is Unemployment Near a Peak? For the Apr. 3 jobs report, economists see another 650,000 drop in payrolls and the unemployment rate jumping to 8.4%

* Whither the Fed? (St. James� Street, The Minnesota Daily)

The Federal Reserve System has gotten a bit of press in the Daily as of late. Last week a column was written in criticism of the Fed, using the language of the economic thought followed by libertarian Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas. Known as the Austrian school, it is very pro-market and has little patience for the governments control of money, let alone the Fed. Indeed, as the current recession has s…

* Mortgage rates at new lows (Jeannine Aversa, Denver Post)

Mortgage rates tumbled to historic lows Thursday after the Federal Reserve’s sudden decision to print $1.2 trillion and pump it into the economy, a move that also triggered warning signs of inflation a weaker dollar and the highest oil prices of the year.

* Backyard Dinner: Beat Recession with Gardening! (Cory Heidelberger, KCLO)

Growing your own food is a great way to fight rising prices at the grocery store and the gas pump. Every meal you can pull from your own ground is one less trip to the grocery store, not to mention that much less demand for the unhealthy long-distance transportation that brings us the harvest from California and other faraway places.

* Markets shudder as inflation rears head (Edmund Conway, Telegraph)

Gilt yields staged their biggest one-day increase in over a decade as it occurred to investors that the era of record low interest rates and unconventional monetary policy may be shorter than they had assumed.

* UK fails in bid to borrow �1.75bn (Ailish O’Hora, The Irish Independent)

British government failed in an attempt to borrow �1.75bn from the financial markets yesterday — the first such reverse in seven years.

* Meteor’s ’09 ad budget to fall despite awards razzmatazz (Laura Noonan, The Irish Independent)

glamour and glitz of Tuesday’s Meteor Awards harkened back to the glory days when the sky was the limit for marketing budgets and telecos seemed locked in a wonderful battle to outspend each other.

* Edgy investors end rally (Stephen Bernard, Denver Post)

Investors doused a two-week rally Thursday as concerns emerged that the Federal Reserve’s new bond-buying campaign could wind up hurting the dollar and causing inflation.


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