Interesting Inflation News Links (March 26, 2009)

* Federal Reserve’s policies punish the thrifty (Louie Cordova, Statesville Record & Landmark)

* Glimmer of hope for student aid in a bad economy (Justin Pope, Hickory Daily Record)

* Tidehaven ISD calls for $33.5M bond election (Jessica Shepard, The Tribune)

* Tax cut (Pam Boyd, Eagle Valley Enterprise)

* Relief as government debt sale succeeds (Julia Kollewe, Guardian Unlimited)

* Minnesotans’ income grew last year (William Wilcoxen, KCRB)

* MaryJane Butters: It’s natural to live green (Maryjane Butters, Salt Lake Tribune)

* Gold sits near $900, ready to rise (Harry Miller, Numismatic News)

* Inflation-proof your portfolio (Jon Birger, Money)

* Dow Jones valuations are just getting tougher (Martin Hutchinson, The Daily Telegraph)


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