Interesting Inflation News Links (March 13, 2009)

* Swiss action stokes fear of devaluation (Peter Garnham, The Financial Times)

A Swiss National Bank decision this week to weaken the Swiss franc has raised fears that other central banks will follow suit in a wave of currency devaluations.

* Wetherspoon bucks trend with pub sales rise (Amy Wilson, Telegraph)

Wetherspoon, which owns more than 700 pubs, said revenue climbed to �468.7m and like-for-like sales increased 1.9pc over the six months to Jan 25. Pre-tax profits fell 10pc to �25.6m, after the company made losses selling pubs it no longer intends to develop and paid for legal action against its former estate agent.

* Buffett: U.S. economy has “fallen off a cliff” (Josh Funk)

OMAHA Billionaire Warren Buffett remains confident that America’s best days are ahead, but he says the nation likely will face higher unemployment and eventually inflation because of the current economic crisis.

* Letters to the Editor March 10, 2009 (The Telegraph)

Former President Carter proved that conservative ignorance of human nature – i.e. give humans an inch and they’ll take a mile – is not relegated to Republicans. In fact, human nature is the very reason deregulation doesn’t work. Thus, Carter’s deregulation of airline and trucking resulted in many company bankruptcies and lower wages for employees; and Carter’s successor, former President Reagan…

* Diligent homeowners could be bypassed (Columbus Dispatch)

I find the bailout for some homeowners and potential homeowners to be a bit unfair and somewhat confusing. If a new home is purchased, the buyer not only qualifies for a great interest rate but also will receive a substantial tax break.

* IMF poised to print billions of dollars in ‘global quantitative easing’ (Edmund Conway, Telegraph)

Alistair Darling and senior figures in the US Treasury have been encouraging the Fund to issue hundreds of billions of dollars worth of so-called Special Drawing Rights in the coming months as part of its campaign to prevent the recession from turning into a global depression.

* World mints report soaring demand for gold coins (Reuters America)

LONDON (Reuters) – Mints around the world say demand for gold coins has risen sharply as interest in the precious metal soars on the back of financial instability and concerns over the inflation outlook.


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