Interesting Inflation News Links (March 05, 2009)

* UPDATE:Holder Sues General Electric,Immelt Over Dividend Cut (Chad Bray, Dow Jones Newswires)

* BRAIN-TRUST BUST (Charles Gasparino, New York Post)

* Tire Inflation: Industrialized Nations Call For Better MPG (Russell Gold, Wall Street Journal)

* ‘Stay The Course’ Advice Wearing Thin (WTVJ)

* Gold climbs as shares fall further (Reuters America)

* BoE cuts interest rates to 0.5 percent (Jane Wardell-)

* Asda’s UK Grocery Market Share Rises To 17.3% From 17% (SmartMoney)

* University has funding doubled (Eastbourne Herald)

* Nevada budget director: youth camp bill would cost millions (Geoff Dornan, N Lake Tahoe Bonanza)

* JHU’s Hanke: Forget stocks, buy inflation bonds (Baltimore Sun)


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