Interesting Inflation News Links (March 2, 2009)

* Who’s Right: Buffett or Obama? (Agence France-Presse)

* Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc. Announces Year End 2007 Results (Chris Oliver, Fox News)

* Worries about financial system send Dow Jones down by nearly 300 points (Tim Paradis)

* Old skis, gear recall simpler time on slopes (News Tribune)

* The MPCometer: Interest rates to stay on hold at 1pc (Simon Ward, Telegraph)

* Frankly, we still give a damn about ‘Gone With the Wind’ (Asbury Park Press)

* London finalists offer their take on rate cut (Times Online)

* Investment regulatory group launches scam meter (Kansas City Star)

* Obama budget proposes spending more to make college affordable (Libby Quaid)

* Broadway changeover — from Jilly’s to Coda (Kansas City Star)


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