Interesting Inflation News Links (February 26, 2009)

* Letter: Feel the pinch, pain of recession (Republican-Eagle)

Working in retail is not enough to achieve a license in psychology, but it� s a good start. You hear numerous stories of struggling to meet the basic needs of survival.

* Wheres our QE? (The Financial Times)

We thought Bank of England governor Mervyn King would provide a little detail today on the status of authorisation for full-on quantitative easing in the UK.

* My comment is in response to (Independent-Review)

With the price of milk and dairy products falling sharply, U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar is calling for action to help stabilize prices and protect Minnesotas farmers. In a recent letter to the Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Klobuchar and more than 30 other Senators urged the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to immediately enact measures to address the problem of abrupt price dro…

* Obama offers 2010 budget outline (Dave Helling, Kansas City Star)

President Barack Obama unveiled a budget outline Thursday that raises taxes for the wealthy, promises to expand health care, sets aside more money for teetering banks — and projects an eye-popping $23 trillion gross national debt by 2019.This current year’s red ink, measured against the economy, is the most since World War II. The total budget would double th…

* Jeremy Warner: Japan’s land of the setting sun (The Independent Online)

Outlook The sun has been setting on the Japanese economy for the best part of 20 years, but over the last few months, the country has been plunged into deepest darkness. Ironically, it is looking as if the big surplus nations are going to be even more severely hit by the global recession than profligate deficit countries. Things look equally grim in Germany, another economy whose heavy reliance…

* Time to call time on escalating booze tax (Jonathan Sibun, Telegraph)

The industry and pubs in particular have been taken to the cleaners by the Government over the last few years.

* New reports due on jobless claims, home sales (Alan Zibel-)

The government releases new reports this morning on jobless claims, durable goods orders and sales of newly built homes.Investors are looking for any signs that the economy is slowing its descent. That could signal demand from consumers and businesses is set to rebound. But few economists expect the numbers will soon show a recovery.Wall Street predicts manufacturers saw demand fo…

* Taxing motorists by the mile: Inevitable (Mark Silva, Orlando Sentinel)

Taxing motorists by the miles driven, as opposed to gallons of gas consumed, is the way to go – according to a federal commission’s report today.

* Existing U.S. home sales fall to lowest level since ’97

Sales of existing homes sank unexpectedly last month to the lowest level in nearly 12 years as potential buyers worried about their jobs and awaited details of President Barack Obama’s plans to stabilize the housing market.

* Gold slides near 2-week low (Reuters America)

LONDON (Reuters) — Gold slid in choppy trade on Thursday to its lowest in nearly two weeks, but analysts said the retreat could prompt further buying by investors seeking a safe place to park their assets.


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